Remodeling – Why You Need a Residential Designer

Are starting to look into hiring a contractor for your home remodel or renovation?. Then you might be asked if you’ve come up with any plans for the actual design or the build. In fact, this is a pretty common question to be asked and yet so many homeowners answer no to this inquiry. When you are doing a remodel, home renovation or an addition onto the home, plans are always an important factor in the process. A contractor can draw out plans, but a residential designer is going to be the person that will be able to add in all those little design features you want and need, using the space more efficiently, they also have a heads up on trends, the best materials to use and the best products available. Overall, a residential is not something that is considered a luxury, it's a need.

Contractors vs Residential Designers

A contractor is more than happy to sit down with you and come up with a plan, however, they do it in a more straightforward manner to keep things simple and as to not waste time. A residential designer, on the other hand, will sit down with you and help you figure out an entire plan for the whole house or a specific room. They also will help you understand the different complexities of each project and design and offer alternative options if there are any. This way you won't have “buyer's remorse” once the design is finished or have any regrets about the house after all is said and done. remodeling designer

Is A Residential Designer Expensive?

A lot of contractors actually have a residential designer on hand, because of this, if you use their designer, they are actually willing to rebate some of the cost back to you. People automatically assume because this is a specialized service that it's going to be incredibly expensive, but that’s just not the case.

When To Start A Business Relationship with A Designer

You want to meet with a designer as soon as possible. But, if you have already hired the contractor and are in the process of planning, you can and should hire a designer than if you have not done so already. Having a designer will clue you in on all sorts of awesome materials and options available for your home that you might otherwise not know about. They can also make suggestions to keep you on your budget. For example, you are on a budget and you really want stone floors for your kitchen. They might suggest that instead of a stone floor which costs a significant amount of money, that you take a look at a honed porcelain floor that is made to look like a stone floor. This will save you a ton of money but you still get the aesthetic look of a stone floor without the price tag. They will ask you questions about what you want to use each room for, what type of lifestyle you have, and what types of materials you like as well so be sure to answer every question as detailed as possible.

Architects Versus Residential Designers

It might seem like these two people offer the same services, but they don’t. An architect is going to be better at things like inspecting the construction process, providing help with the bid, making sure faulty mishaps don’t happen, etc. A designer deals more with the form and function of the home and makes sure that you are happy with the outcome after the build is done.

Services Offered By A Residential Designer

A residential designer, depending on the business, can offer an array of services which might include things like: Home Staging Renovation Consultation Paint Consultation Space Planning Interior Finish Materials Exterior Finish Materials Furniture Interior Decor Color Consultations Site Construction Engineering Building Designs Drafting etc. They also tend to deal with all sorts of home improvement projects: Whole home renovations Pool House renovations Deck Additions Kitchen Additions Kitchen Renovations Kitchen Countertops Bathroom Renovations Bathroom Remodeling Interior Remodels Family Room Remodels and Additions and more. With all said, you don’t want to have any regrets about the decisions made during the process of home improvement, so make sure that you know how to do it safely yourself to avoid any kind of injuries to anyone that is involved with the home improvement project. This guide has now thought you why you should need a residential designer to come in, a person with experience that can offer the best advice with your good will in mind, this way, you can have the home or space you always wanted.